Local Youth Offer Free Tutoring

GDCS is excited to share this incredible resource with you.

Founded by a group of local students, DOSH provides free tutoring on Zoom to students in grades 1-8 who need help in subjects such as Math, English, Science, Spanish, and Chinese. ” 德顿线上学习小组” (DOSH)由三位学业优秀的学生 (Leah, Zicheng, Diego) 建立。他们无偿为德顿地区的1-8年级的学生提供线上课业辅导和帮助。辅导的科目有:数学,英语,科学,西班牙语,中文。

From DOSH’s website:

DOSH runs a variety of curricular and extracurricular activities. Students are welcome to bring their questions to the Zoom meetings. Our tutors will be more than happy to answer them! If you are currently learning English, Chinese, or Spanish, and would like to find a conversation partner, we also encourage you to join us in our online study hall. In addition, we cordially invite everyone who might be interested to sit in on our topical presentations. 德顿线上学习小组举办形式多样的各种课内和课外活动。我们欢迎学业上有疑问的同学带着他们的问题来参加我们的Zoom会议,小导师们会很乐意提供辅导。如果你正在学习英语(或中文,或西班牙语),想找人跟你进行对话练习,也欢迎参加我们的线上学习小组。此外,我们还会定期举办线上主题讲座,欢迎感兴趣的同学参加。

We meet online every other Saturday (Please check our Upcoming Events page for specific meeting times). 我们每两星期举办一次线上学习小组活动,具体时间请看我们的 Upcoming Events 页面。

​Meet our tutors:

Leah Yu
Zicheng Guo
Diego Lamboy

Spring 2020 Semester Start 开学了!

GDCS will start a new semester at 1:30 pm on January 5th, 2020 in the Humanities Center at the University of Dayton. UD will continue to offer these classroom to us for free. We are grateful for UD’s generous support over the past ten years. It’s our responsibility to keep the building clean, not move furniture to other rooms, turn off lights and projectors, and avoid making loud noises. Our board members, teachers, and parents will follow these rules and create a good environment for our children.
We’d like to thank Dr. Shuangye Wu who has worked with UD to reserve space for us over the past ten years. We also want to thank Dr. Ting Zhang and Dr. Dan Ren for their generous support of the school. With their generous help, GDCS can operate smoothly and we can start another new semester.

GDCS Board