Classes 课程

GDCS offers a variety of language and enrichment classes to meet your children’s needs. . 为了满足更多的学生学习中英文的需求,代顿中文学校为大家提供不同级别的中英文课程和特长课程。每个学期都将会从上一学期末开始注册,具体时间请关注网站上的信息。

In person classes are held in the Jesse Phillips Humanities Center at the University of Dayton.

Click here to access the pre-registration form. 目前学校设有16个班级 => pre-registration form. 目前学校设有多个班级。春季学期(1月-5月)前每次课程两个小时是语言课时间 => 春季学期(1月-5月)。每次课程前两个小时是语言课时间。

Classes currently offered in the Spring 2023 semester are listed below:

Disclaimer: The following class schedule is subject to change depending on the teacher’s availability and the size of the registered class
Language Class 课程TextbookCourse Description/PrerequisiteTeacher
Chinese Story 中文故事启蒙班Course material is designed by the teacher including Chinese stories and craftsStories in Chinese, need parent’s company. 在讲故事的过程中培养孩子们的中文兴趣,认识拼音。教材由老师提供Mrs. Vicky
Kindergarten Ma Liping 马立平学前班Maliping KindergartenNeed basic Chinese listening skills 需要有基本的中文听力Matt Ma
1st Grade Ma Liping 马力平一年级Maliping 1st GradeNeed basic Chinese listening and speaking skills; completed MLPKG 有一定的中文听说能力,已经完成K班的学习.Qiuhong Zhang
2nd Grade Ma Liping 马力平二年级Maliping 2nd GradeCompeted MLP01; continue to learn more Chinese characters and improve reading skills 已经完成一年级的学习,继续扩大识字量。Hua Ma
3rd Grade Ma Liping 马力平三年级Maliping 3rd GradeCompleted MLP02 or equivalent level; continue to improve reading skills and learn Chinese Pinyin 已经完成二年学习或同等水平,继续提高阅读能力,系统学习拼音。Sunny Sun
4th Grade Ma Liping 马力平四年级Maliping 4th GradeCompleted MLP03 or equivalent level 已经完成三年级的学习或者同等水平Polly Kuk
5th Grade Ma Liping 马力平五年级Maliping 5th GradeCompeted MLP04 or equivalent level 完成马力平四年级或者同等水平Fei Yan
7th Grade Ma Liping 马立平六年级Maliping 7th GradeCompeted MLP05 or equivalent level 完成马立平五年级或者同等水平Ying Chen
PinYinPinYinBasic Chinese PinYinLi Cai
Enrichment 兴趣班Special Requirement 特殊要求Instructor 老师
Martial Arts 武术NoneChris Shepherd & George Foreman
International Chess 国际象棋Interested in Chess and knows basic chess rules 喜欢象棋和了解象棋的基本规则Elton Cao & Ethan Cao
Children Dance 舞蹈课Children only 儿童舞蹈Yu Chen
Adult Dance 舞蹈课Adult only 成人舞蹈Lin Cai
Color Pencil Drawing 彩铅画Likes drawing 喜欢画画Li Cai