Spring 2020 Semester Start 开学了!

GDCS will start a new semester at 1:30 pm on January 5th, 2020 in the Humanities Center at the University of Dayton. UD will continue to offer these classroom to us for free. We are grateful for UD’s generous support over the past ten years. It’s our responsibility to keep the building clean, not move furniture to other rooms, turn off lights and projectors, and avoid making loud noises. Our board members, teachers, and parents will follow these rules and create a good environment for our children.
We’d like to thank Dr. Shuangye Wu who has worked with UD to reserve space for us over the past ten years. We also want to thank Dr. Ting Zhang and Dr. Dan Ren for their generous support of the school. With their generous help, GDCS can operate smoothly and we can start another new semester.

GDCS Board