Letter from the Principal (Nov 28) 校长通讯

Dear GDCS Families,

We have class as usual this Sunday. 本周日正常上课。

Registration will also begin this Sunday and next Sunday for the 2019 Spring semester. To ease the registration process, we will use a new approach this year.
Parents should fill out registration forms in the classroom and return the completed form with payment to the designated rooms:
Stories and Maliping K 1:40- 2:15
故事班和马力平K班(K1A, K1B, K2): 1:40-2:15
Maliping 1st and Jinan 1st: 2:20-2:40
Maliping 2nd, 3rd and Jinan 2nd and 3rd: 2:40-3:00
Jinan 4th, 6th and Maliping 5th : 3:00-3:15
暨南大学4年级,6年级和 成语故事班: 3:00-3:15
ESL1 and 2, and SAT: 3:15-3:40
英语班1,2 和SAT班:3:15-4:40
Others: 3:40-4:15
其他的: 3:40-4:15
Important Note: Returning students do not need to purchase textbooks for 2019 Spring semester unless you are a new student or in Maliping K2.
Attached you can find the GDCS calendar for 2019 Spring and the course list.
We hope you are enjoying classes!
Hanbing Yu
Principal of GDCS

Letter from the Principal (Nov 12) 校长通讯

Class as usual on Nov 18. 本周日中文学校正常上课。

We also have same activities ready for the rest the of the weeks:在接下来的几周里我们中文学校为各位家长和学生准备了多样的活动。

On Nov 13, GDCS will participate in We Are Centerville.  The event will feature food trucks, live performances, tables representing community organizations, and activities for the entire family. The tables, food, and performances are intended to feature the many facets that make up Centerville’s diverse community. The event will be held at Tower Heights Middle School from 6:00-8:00 p.m. You can register for the GDCS 2019 Spring Semester at the event or during GDCS class on Dec 2. The GDCS registration fee will be waived if registering at the event. 11月13日周二:中文学校将会参加Centerville学校主办的We Are Centerville活动。在活动现场您可以进行2019年的春季报名,本次报名可减免注册费。
地点:Tower Heights Middle School

On Nov 18, we will offer Sahaja Yoga from 130-230pm in Room 006.
地点:地下 006教室

Dec 2: Class as usual. Register for the 2019 Spring Semester in Room 119 from 130-400pm. Registration fee waived if registering at this time.
12/02/2018:此周日正常上课, 家长可以到119教室进行春季报名,提前报名可以减免注册费。报名截止时间为当天下午4:00点。

Dec 9: Last day of classes for fall semester. Register for 2019 Spring Semester in Room 119 from 130-400pm.. Registration fee waived if registering at this time.

Teachers, please help us communicate these announcements during class or through your WeChat groups.

GDCS families, feel free to forward this information to others. We hope to welcome more students to GDCS in the next semester.

Hanbing Yu
GDCS Principal