Policies 规则

Regarding Tuition 关于学费

  • The registration fee is non-refundable.注册费是不退还的。
  • Tuition is 100% refundable by the end of the 2nd week of classes. No refunds afterwards. 在开学前两周退课,学费可以全额退还。之后不退还。

Regarding Expectations for Parents & Students 关于家长与学生行为

By enrolling your children in GDCS, parents, guardians, and students agree to the school’s policies, including expectations for behavior, and will support GDCS staff in maintaining a safe and respectful environment. Below are specific expectations for parents, guardians, and children 为了给大家提供一个长期稳定的学习环境,凡注册中文学校学习的学生,家长,监护人需严格遵守学校的各项规章制度。具体如下:

Students 学生

  • Respect your teachers and classmates. Follow the teacher’s instructions. 请与老师,同学相互尊敬。遵守老师的要求,遵守课堂纪律。
  • No food or drink in the classrooms, except water or teacher provided snacks. 除老师允许外,课堂上禁止吃喝。
  • Do not play with classroom equipment or any other facilities in the building, especially for fire alarm. 严禁触摸或玩弄教室内外和教学楼内的各种开关,设备和器材,特别是不能乱按火警。
  • Keep the noise level low. No horseplay, running, jumping over or standing on furniture, or writing on boards, unless it pertains to the lesson. 除老师允许外,教室内外和教学楼内请尽量不要跑跳疯闹,请尽量保证整个教学楼内的安静。
  • At the end of each class, help the teacher clean the classroom and put desks and chairs in order before leaving the room. 每节课结束后,帮助老师把教室回复原样。
  • Threatening or violent behavior of any kind will not be tolerated. 禁止所有暴力,恐吓及霸凌的行为。

Parents 家长

  • Help your children understand the school rules.帮助您的孩子理解并遵守学校的各项规章制度。
  • You are responsible for the safety of your children before, during, and after school.在上课前,课间,及放学后您将全权负责孩子的安全问题。
  • Supervise your children before class starts, in between classes, and after class. 在上课前,课间,及放学后请全权监督您孩子的行为问题。
  • Bring your children to school and pick them up on time. GDCS will charge $1 per minute fee for supervising students after the classes end. 请及时接您的孩子放学。每延时1分钟,中文学校将收取1$的延时费。
  • You will be legally and financially responsible for any property damage and bodily injury caused by you or your children. 如果您的孩子损坏了学校的任何设备,您将负责全权赔偿。
  • At the end of each class, help the teacher clean the room and return desks and chairs to their original locations. 每节课结束后,请帮助老师将教室回复原样。
  • Parents should examine classrooms to make sure they are in order and there is no litter. 家长请尽量确保教室都整洁并回复原样,楼道,厕所干净。

Students who violate the rules will receive a warning and parents will be informed. Students who receive a second warning may be suspended for one session or the entire school day. A note will be sent home for parents to sign. At least one parent will be required to sit in the class with his/her child after the second incident. 违反规定的学生和家长将会收到学校的警告通知,情节严重者将直接收到停课通知。凡第二次收到警告的学生,学校将会根据情节的严重度来决定处罚(停课一次或一学期)。家长需要在通知上签字。凡收到两次警告的学生家长需要在以后上课时间里随课监督学生的行为。

The Board of Trustees retains the right to suspend the enrollment of any student with repeated or serious violations. In these situations, tuition will not be refunded.学校董事会成员有权决定行为有问题的学生的去留问题。凡是经董事会决定予以开除学籍的学生,学费不予以返还。