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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCMENT: Due to a delay in processing visitor’s passes, UD is not ready to let us in the building this week. Classes will be held online on Sunday August 29, 2021. If anyone would like to try out the classes, please email gdcsohio@gmail.com.

The Greater Dayton Chinese School (GDCS) 代顿中文学校 is a not-for-profit organization serving the Greater Dayton area. The goal of GDCS is to promote Chinese language and culture, further mutual understanding across communities, and to preserve Chinese heritage among Chinese American youth. The GDCS actively participates in various local community activities and proudly contributes to the well being of the Greater Dayton community. We are a proud member of the Chinese School Association in the United States (CSAUS). 代顿中文学校成立于1995年,是以中文教育和中华文化推广为目的的非盈利组织。学校致力于成为代顿地区的儿童及成人学习中文以及了解中华文化的乐园。

GDCS offers a variety of language classes for both Chinese-speaking and non-Chinese speaking families. Classes normally meet on Sundays from 1:30-4:30 pm at the Jesse Philips Humanities Center at the University of Dayton. Please note we are offering a hybrid model of online and in-person if University of Dayton allows us back on campus. The class format is in the attached tentative course schedule as well as in the drop down list of the per-registration form. We also offer 50% off registration fee by May 31, 2021.. 目前学校设有16个班级,课程内容形式多样化。不论是有一定中文基础的学生,或者是中文非母语的学生,都可以在其中找到适合自己的课程。为满足学生的需求,我们还增加多兴趣特长课程。平常每周日下午1:30-4:30在代顿大学Jesse Philips Humanities Center上课但因为疫情暂时上网课。

There are two sessions: Fall Term (Aug-Dec) and Spring Term (Jan-May). The first two hours are devoted to language and the last hour for enrichment which includes dancing, Chinese art, wushu, and more. 每年中文学校有两个学期:秋季学期(8月-12月),春季学期(1月-5月)前每次课程两个小时是语言课时间,最后一个小时是特长班的时间。

A brief introduction to our website:在我们的网站上有关于我们学校的详细介绍:

  • Visit the Classes section to learn more about language and enrichment offerings, schedules, and registrations.课程注册,介绍,及教室安排
  • Under Calendar, you’ll see our class meeting schedule and events we have planned 月历.
  • Click on Photos to see what a day is like at GDCS and from our fun events.活动照片
  • Visit the Policies page to see rules on registration, fees, and classroom behavior. 学校政策

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Ms. Minchong Huang
GDCS Principal