Letter from the Principal (Nov 28) 校长通讯

Dear GDCS Families,

We have class as usual this Sunday. 本周日正常上课。

Registration will also begin this Sunday and next Sunday for the 2019 Spring semester. To ease the registration process, we will use a new approach this year.
Parents should fill out registration forms in the classroom and return the completed form with payment to the designated rooms:
Stories and Maliping K 1:40- 2:15
故事班和马力平K班(K1A, K1B, K2): 1:40-2:15
Maliping 1st and Jinan 1st: 2:20-2:40
Maliping 2nd, 3rd and Jinan 2nd and 3rd: 2:40-3:00
Jinan 4th, 6th and Maliping 5th : 3:00-3:15
暨南大学4年级,6年级和 成语故事班: 3:00-3:15
ESL1 and 2, and SAT: 3:15-3:40
英语班1,2 和SAT班:3:15-4:40
Others: 3:40-4:15
其他的: 3:40-4:15
Important Note: Returning students do not need to purchase textbooks for 2019 Spring semester unless you are a new student or in Maliping K2.
Attached you can find the GDCS calendar for 2019 Spring and the course list.
We hope you are enjoying classes!
Hanbing Yu
Principal of GDCS

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